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About me: I’m fortunate to be able to live and work in Maui, Hawaii, where I’ve spent the better half of my life. Though my novels are set in interesting locations throughout the world, I most enjoy writing about the Hawaiian Islands. In fact, many of the scenes from my books Red Sky Morning and Ace Card take place here.

Besides fiction writing, I work full-time as an RN. On top of that, I keep busy tackling hone fix-it projects and my wife’s endless list of honey-do’s. She also makes me exercise.

Before Maui, I lived in a number of places, including Indiana, New Jersey (where I attended elementary and high school), and also Florida. With Florida serving as my home base, I traveled across the United States while employed in the Nuclear Industry as a Radiation Health Physics Tech and a Reactor Mechanic. My various experiences in that field led me to write White Sands, which deals in part with the most top-secret weapon project ever undertaken: The Manhattan Project.

About my books: I’m currently writing two fiction series. The President's Agent books tell of the adventures, deeds, and misdeeds of various secret agents who are recruited and employed directly by the U.S. President. Their clandestine missions bring them deep into the darkest and most dangerous places in the world of espionage. This is a non-sequential series, meaning they can be read in any order.

The Black Vault series tells the chronological story of Agent Ted Brooks, who was originally featured in my book White Sands during his time as a President’s Agent. In Ace Card (Black Vault: book 1), Ted takes charge of a covert underground spy operation. This, of course, turns out to be more trouble than he’d expected.

In all my books, I try to incorporate a balance of action, romance, and original humor along with as much realism as possible, plus interesting characters and locations. I hope you enjoy reading them.

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